Pic Hitz is an excellent resource for up and coming, unsigned artist’s to get exposure with Radio MD’s & PD’s. Pic Hitz gets radio and knows what music fits where.

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Ebro Darden
Hot 97 New York
Apple Music

If you are an independent artist or label, looking for exposure at radio, Pic Hitz is a good choice. They are the true pioneers of getting independent music played where most fail.

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Dontay Thompson
VP Promotion
Epic Records

Pic Hitz. (2) Two Projects. (2) Two Major Label Deals.

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Charlie Pennachio
3sixty Records

I’ve been working with Pic Hitz since 1993. I have always received excellent service.

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Bill Walker
Thump Records

I had a hit in the 90’s. And a hit in the new millennium. Our radio audience size just exceeded 100 million!! Pic Hitz was there for both of em.

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Jay Tee
N 2 Deep

It’s always a pleasure to talk with Pic Hitz. It’s one of the few calls I look forward to each week. They get radio. If you are an independent label or artist, I recommend working with Pic Hitz to get your music to radio.

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R Dub!
Host Sunday Night Slow Jams
President Fusion Networks

A lot of people talk about ‘I Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star’ but you have to be serious about sacrificing everything, everything. I’m talking about everything. You have to be willing to live on nothing. You have to be willing to starve. People will take shots at you, and you have to mentally be very strong. You have to be very determined and very into what your doing. I think that’s why a lot of bands don’t make it, because they buckle under the pressure. It’s such hard work that most people are like “I don’t need this” “it’s fun but I’d rather just do my regular job and stuff like that”. It’s something you really have to work at. And if it happens, you just, well you thank God, that’s what you do. Is you thank God.

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Joan Jett
Interview with John Christian 1985
Ask for free audio, it should motivate

Pic Hitz is the real deal. For any artist wanting to get their music to radio, Pic Hitz is the way to go. Pic Hitz was the reason Hardnox got heard on the radio and then signed to Blackground – Universal. Artists, if you are serious about your music and career, don’t sleep on Pic Hitz.

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Danny Boy & Jimbo

In doing my due diligence in trying to find the right promotion company for my project, I had a conversation with John. I was Completely blown away by his honesty, integrity, drive and passion. Without reservation, I would recommend Pic Hitz. They are fair, honest and music fans. That is a rare combination in the Music Industry. I believe they are the very best in the business.

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Mark Cuddy
Dolcet Entertainment

Pic Hitz helped me understand Radio and the new school. My artist, Y.S. was signed to Sony because Pic Hitz and John Christian set the party off. Thanks again John !!

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Most Bangin Entertainment

The team at Pic Hitz have the right artist development approach for today’s artists.

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Morty Wiggins
Second Octave