1.     Now that I’ve made a song, or songs,  what do I do next?

Have you gotten all of your social media started?  Do you have any songs streaming?  All the information on how to go about these steps are easily found on the internet.  The next step is to get airplay. That’s where Pic Hitz comes in. We help you get your music played on the radio by promoting it to program directors and music directors.

2. Who has Pic Hitz worked with?

Pic Hitz has helped launch hits since 1993 for Major Labels such as Universal Music Group, Atlantic, Def Jam, Columbia, Elektra, Epic, Hollywood, Interscope, Island, RCA and Warner Brothers Records as well as a number of small, independent labels who we helped make deals with major labels.  For more information please review our Testimonial Page.

3. I guess everyone dreams of having a hit. What can I realistically expect?

To have a major hit, you need a deal with a major label or you need major financial backing. To accomplish that, you’ve got to show the major record companies and investors that you have the making of a hit artist. One of the quickest ways to do that is to show them real results through radio response. When they see your single being added to radio playlists and moving up the National Charts, they want to know who you are. That’s when the labels and investors become very interested.

4. How do I get a major label to notice me?

The labels all work just as hard at discovering as you are working on being discovered. In fact, most of the major labels now utilize their in-house promotion departments to assist in finding & signing talent. That promotion department talks to the same program directors and music directors at the radio stations that Pic Hitz talks with every week. When they see a new artist added to a number of radio playlists across the country, they begin to find out more about the artist. That’s when the program or music director at the radio station puts them in touch with Pic Hitz.

5. Do you actually make the deal with the label or investor for me?

Some promoters will take a percentage of your record deal or investment capital but we don’t. Helping a new artist get established is what Pic Hitz is all about.

6. How do I get my song on the Chart?

Most of the Top 100 Markets in America are now “Monitored”. Once your song is getting airplay on a station, it will automatically be included in the overall national data / chart information. This is a registration process we provide our clients to both BDS & Mediabase. These charts are what the major labels track. In addition, Pic Hitz provides our clients with tracking reports from Mediabase so you will always know exactly where your song is on the chart.

7. I have great music. If I send it out won’t the Radio Stations just listen to it and play it?

No. First you have to understand which stations across the country have a format that would consider the type of music you have. Next you have to get the program and music directors to listen to your music before they will even think about putting it on the air. Most stations receive hundreds of solicitations each month. They don’t sit down and listen to every song that crosses their email or desk. They literally don’t have time.



8. If they receive that many songs each month, how will I ever get them to listen to mine?

That’s where Pic Hitz steps in. We call over 200 stations across the United States to talk with program directors and music directors about the projects we are involved with. We send them to our website in some cases and have them listen while we are on the phone. The goal is to get them to listen to the song, test it with their audience and then add it to their weekly playlist for rotation.

9. Can’t I do it myself?

No. Again, time is a factor. The Program Directors and Music Directors literally don’t have time to take phone calls from everyone that wants to get their music played. But Pic Hitz has built up a reputation and strong relationships with radio stations over the years and is able to get your music listened to and evaluated.    

10. Do people even listen to the radio anymore?

Nielsen released a study in December 2019 that shows the average 18+ year old listens to 2 hours and 45 minutes of audio per day, with Broadcast Radio making up half that listening. The other 50% is divided between streaming audio on computers, Satellite Radio  iPod /MP3 players, streamed audio on Computer and MP3’s stored on Computer.


11. Will you promote music for anyone willing to hire you?

No. First we listen and evaluate your music. Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in both the music business and radio. If we feel that something is not going to be competitive with the commercial stations and the environment we work in, we will pass on a project. Pic Hitz has earned and maintained our credibility over the years with the radio stations we work with. If we took on just any project that was funded, we would lose our credibility at radio. We also limit the number of projects we take on so that we can focus on our clients.

12. Can you guarantee that I will get my song on the radio?

No one can guarantee you that. If they do, they are not reputable. There are many promotion companies that will guarantee a certain number of stations and spins. What those companies do not disclose to you entering into your agreement is that 95% of your spins will be between 2am and 5am. You receive about six weeks of airplay at 7 spins per week and then will be  told, “sorry your song didn’t react / work etc.”  These are companies that, in-fact deal with only a small number of stations and promote “promotions” not music. There are many companies that operate this way. We are not one of them. However, if we don’t feel that we can get you airplay, we won’t ask to do business with you.